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Welcome to the Circular Food research and engagement platform! We are a growing group of university scholars who are pursuing engaged research into circular and regenerative agri-food practices.




The Challenge

The global food system is under pressure to supply affordable, nutritious and appetising products. To maximise production and affordability, the food system has become extractive, linear, less diverse and excessively reliant on imports and long supply chains. This has resulted in harmful environmental, human and economic health impacts, including: increased greenhouse gas emissions; biodiversity loss; high levels of food waste; poor diets; preventable diseases; poorly paid jobs; low productivity; reduced opportunities for SMEs; etc. To address these challenges, multiple institutional innovations have been experimented with at the micro-scale. Yet, their suitability has yet to be tested at regional scales in a joined up, circular system.


Our Approach

Why we utilise a regional, circular approach


& Co-delivery

Why we co-design and co-deliver our research


Food System Transformation

How we increase scale and scope

Our Research Areas


Circular economy in the agri-food sector

Community Garden _edited.jpg

Community and grassroots-led food organisations

British vines at Stanlake Wine Estate ne

Multi-level food policy and governance

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